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How about some color palettes? All of these darling combos are accompanied by Sherwin Williams paint colors, photos from

Desert Road

By Norman McKnight

The winding channel of the desert road

Between the sage, windswept and desolate,

Has made its course as water might have flowed

But turning never to a door nor gate.

Sands are forgetful, and a trail must bind

Some distant havens still, or disappear;

Nomadic wheels have kept this land defined –

Men travel it but do not tarry here.

Who doesn't want to strike out on the open road? I remember going on many a summer road trip with my family growing up. One in particular was especially memorable. My family was set to go to Colorado for an extended family get-together.
Summer is in full swing, and with that comes family vacations, road trips, afternoons in the great outdoors, and collecting sand that will never fully come out of the bottom of the car. In the painting world, it’s our busiest time of year for a reason - it’s the perfect time to repaint your exterior. But when it comes to choosing an exterior color, things can get pretty overwhelming.
Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned one, you probably have questions around how often and when to paint or stain the exterior of your home. How often? What time of year? What product? Why? 
Just in time for spring, our Garden Color Palette Collection takes you on a stroll through the garden. We hope these lively shades of green can inspire you in your next painting project! The colors we used are brought to you by Sherwin Williams. The images we used are from Unsplash.

Nature's Way

by Heidi Campbell

Upon a nice mid-spring day, Let's take a look at Nature's way. Breathe the scent of nice fresh air, Feel the breeze within your hair.

The grass will poke between your toes, Smell the flowers with your nose. Clouds form shapes within the skies, And light will glisten from your eyes.

We have news for you - white isn’t just white! Between the different paint stores, there are thousands of shades of white for you to choose from. The sheer number of whites to choose from can be overwhelming and can make selecting the best shade of white for your house seem like a daunting task. Jeff and Kaitlyn, from Amsberry’s Painting, are here to give you the tools and information you need in order to choose the right shade of white for your painting project.
Some activities make the need to repaint your house more obvious than others do: Wiping off the food the little one threw at the wall, realizing the art piece your in-laws gave you clashes horribly with your wall color, the chip or dent in the entryway from a suitcase years ago, the light hitting the living room just right -- these are all telltale signs that it’s time to repaint your interior.
What is your favorite color? You know, the color you go to every single time the choice is given, the color that is on your favorite purse or your favorite tie? I bet that color describes your personality a little bit. My favorite color is orange, it always has been. Probably always will be.
January first marked the start of a new year! The whole month marks a time generally reserved for resolutions, goal-setting, and resets. Keeping these statutes requires both intentionality and deep thought. If repainting your house is on your list of things to accomplish in the new year, you probably already know that one of the most challenging parts of the painting process is choosing the color scheme. Here at Amsberry’s Painting, that part of the process doesn’t have to be such a challenge.
Winter in the Pacific Northwest is just magical! There is so much beauty all around us this season and so many fun things to go out and do. To celebrate the season we present our Hello Winter Color Palette Collection by Sherwin Williams, photos by unsplash.

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