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Dulux Color of the Year 2021

Hi everyone! Today, we’re going to look at the latest color trends produced by the color specialists at Dulux, a paint company based in the United Kingdom. The Dulux color experts have given us another Color for 2021, along with four more paint palettes of various moods to complement it. If you would like to review our Color Predictions for 2021 post, you can go ahead and click here.



The Dulux Color of the Year is the “Brave Ground” brown. Along with our theme mentioned in our previous color predictions blog post, this color is of warm and elemental nature. Brave Ground “brings a bolstering, balancing feel to any room,” and is a versatile shade that works so well with other colorful or neutral hues.

Because Dulux is based in the UK, we have decided to show you their color trends for 2021 while providing comparable colors available at Sherwin-Williams. Here, you can see the Dulux Color of the Year along with a very close Sherwin-Williams match:

brave ground and cocoa whip colors


expressive dulux colors

(Photo: Dulux)

The first color palette, “Expressive Colors”,  is made up of bold and individualistic hues. It includes bright and playful shades of red and pink, as well as faded or muted neutral tones.

sherwin williams and dulux bright colors

Comparable shades at Sherwin-Williams include:

sherwin williams color palette bright colors

Colors featured in this palette: Gala Pink, Redbud, Euphoric Lilac, Interface Tan, Smart White, Enticing Red, Spicy Hue, Pressed Flower, Cocoa Whip, and Wallflower.


dulux trust colors

(Photo: Dulux)

The second palette is the “Trust Colors” palette, containing mostly browns and light neutrals. This palette has lots of colors that work well to create a warm and earthy environment, keeping the space more grounded.

dulux brown tones

Comparable shades at Sherwin-Williams include:

sherwin williams brown tones

Colors featured in this palette: Status Bronze, Brevity Brown, Cocoa Whip, Diverse Beige, Tinsmith, Toasty, Acier, Garret Gray, Worldly Gray, and Gauzy White.


dulux timeless tones

(Photo: Dulux)

The next collection is the “Timeless Colors” palette, an assortment of neutrals with pops of gold. This palette brings warmth to a modern and classic environment. 

dulux gold tones

Comparable shades at Sherwin-Williams include:


sherwin williams gold tones


Colors featured in this palette: Bosc Pear, Relic Bronze, Cocoa Whip, Only Natural, Accessible Beige, Canyon Clay, Almond Roca, Antiquity, Sawgrass Basket, and Drift of Mist.


dulux earth colors

(Photo: Dulux)

The final palette is the “Earth Colors” palette. These simple and natural tones fit with our “Comforts of Home” trend we noticed for 2021. Any of the blue, green, or neutral shades from this collection will pair beautifully for a down to earth look.

dulux earth tone palette

Comparable shades at Sherwin-Williams include:

sherwin williams earth tones

Colors featured in this palette: Black Magic, Rocky River, Cocoa Whip, Blissful Blue, Rain, Indigo Batik, Tempe Star, Dyer’s Woad, Morning Fog, and Contented.


What do you think of the Dulux Color of the Year for 2021, or any of these beautiful corresponding palettes? Let us know in the comments!


Writer Bio: Crystal Amsberry
Crystal is the Lean Management Assistant at Amsberry’s Painting. She loves leading a high school youth group at her church, calligraphy and design, music/musical theatre, hiking, and enjoying all the PNW has to offer.



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