Color Palette Collection #2

It’s time for more color combinations! Here we have five new beautiful color palettes for you – Sherwin Williams color info and all. Images from Unsplash.

Sea Tones

Color Palette // Sea Tones SW6468 Hunt Club, SW6459 Jadite, SW6784 Brovo Blue

Dark Green: SW6468 Hunt Club, Medium Green: SW6459 Jadite, Light Green: SW6784 Brovo Blue

Oceanside Walk

Color Palette // Oceanside Walk SW9175 Deep Forest Brown, SW9059 Silken Peacock, SW6255 Morning Fog

Dark Brown: SW9175 Deep Forest Brown, Medium Blue: SW9059 Silken Peacock, Light Blue: SW6255 Morning Fog

Wedding Bell Hues

Color Palette // Wedding Bell Hues SW9001 Audrey’s Blush, SW6194 Basil, SW7562 Roman ColumnRose: SW9001 Audrey’s Blush, Green: SW6194 Basil, Cream: SW7562 Roman Column

Golden Growth

Color Palette // Golden Growth SW6258 Tricorn Black, SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green, SW6145 Thatch Brown

Black: SW6258 Tricorn Black, Green: SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green, Brown: SW6145 Thatch Brown

Rusted Tones

 Color Palette // Rusted Tones SW6069 French Roast, SW6468 Hunt Club, SW6313 Kirsch Red

Brown: SW6069 French Roast, Green: SW6468 Hunt Club, Rose: SW6313 Kirsch Red


Writer Bio: Kaitlyn McAuliffe

Kaitlyn is the Marketing & HR Director at Amsberry’s Painting. She has been working at Amsberry’s Painting since 2011 in many different capacities, including out in the field and as the Office Manager. She loves spending time with family and hiking in the beautiful PNW! 


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