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Increase Your Home’s Value with These Paint Colors

Did you know that 95% of buying decisions people make are made from an emotional standpoint and under the power of subconscious influences? For most of us, the starting point for many of our buying decisions is our feelings – desire or dread. As a rule, most people’s buying impulses originate from an emotional state and then later transform into a logical argument.

In other words, we first fall in love with something and make a subconscious decision to buy it. After that emotional decision is made, we then look for valid reasons to explain why we love that thing. What we do is a process called “emotional reasoning” where we convince ourselves that something is true simply because we want it to be true.

The interesting thing is we don’t realize when this is happening. As a matter of fact, most times when people think they are being rational in their buying decisions, they are subconsciously being influenced by subjective feelings. This is true for the teenager who is buying a pair of designer sneakers and the thirty-something buying a home.

Factors that influence our buying decisions


Two of the most powerful emotional impulses that move people to buy things are validation and envy. People have a surprisingly powerful desire to be approved by others. They will buy things if other people think that it is nice. People will also buy things because of envy because a neighbor, friend, or colleague at work has that thing, and they want to level up to that person.

This is also why people follow trends. They use the buying decisions of the majority as a yardstick for deciding what is worth buying. The reasoning is “If so, many people are buying it, then it has to be good.” Or people simply don’t want to be left out. This is why house buyers are more likely to purchase a building if it is painted in colors others view as trendy.

Specific color trends dominate home design during specific periods. Homes painted in those colors get more attention from buyers. Based on what they have heard or seen others do, buyers conclude that certain colors make a house beautiful. As Amera Management team says, if you know the color trends that are dominating the market, you can take advantage of those colors to improve your home’s value.

Colors that will increase your home’s value

From actual housing market data, these are the colors buyers find most attractive in a home and are willing to pay top dollar for. The colors are different for the various rooms and the exterior of the house.


Bathroom colors

Bathroom colors are expected to be relaxing because we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and bathrooms help us get into the right frame of mind for work or rest. Bathrooms painted in light blue perform the highest, adding an extra 1.6% to the home’s value.

Kitchen colors

In the kitchen, the best colors are those within the range of light blue and soft gray. If a kitchen is painted in soft gray blue, it has a calming effect that makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in the space. If a buyer feels this way about a property, they will be more likely to buy it.

Bedroom colors

Bedroom colors should help people unwind at the end of the day; the color should promote restful sleep. Because this color produces feelings of trust and creates a sense of stability, blue has always been a staple for the bedroom. Deeper shades of blue are better in this regard than lighter ones.

Living room colors

Living rooms and hallways need colors that have wide acceptance. The colors used in these spaces should also promote play and harmonious conversations. The groups of colors that do this best are neutral colors. Among the most desired neutral colors for the living room are subtle shades of blue, gray, and green.

Exterior paint colors

The exterior of the house is extremely important for creating a buyer’s first impression of the property. If the right colors are used inside the home, but the exterior color is off, buyers will lose interest before they see the interior. Based on actual house sales, the best color for the exterior of the house is greige, which is a mixture of light gray and beige.

Front door colors

The front door is a vital part of the home’s exterior. Because this is the point from which people gain access to the building, visitors’ eyes tend to fixate on the front door. The front door can help put buyers in the right frame of mind to see the inside of the house. The best colors to paint the front door are charcoal or navy blue to dark gray.

Other great colors to use

Warm grays can be used for almost any room in the home. This color is particularly effective when used in high-traffic areas. Velvety beige is perfect for living rooms. Creamy off-whites are great for those times you want to avoid the austerity of plain white.


Guest Writer: Christen from Amera Property Management 

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