30 Sep Color Palette Collection #2

It’s time for more color combinations! Here we have five new beautiful color palettes for you – Sherwin Williams color info and all.

Sea Tones

Color Palette // Sea Tones SW6468 Hunt Club, SW6459 Jadite, SW6784 Brovo Blue

Dark Green: SW6468 Hunt Club
Medium Green: SW6459 Jadite
Light Green: SW6784 Brovo Blue

Oceanside Walk

Color Palette // Oceanside Walk SW9175 Deep Forest Brown, SW9059 Silken Peacock, SW6255 Morning Fog

Dark Brown: SW9175 Deep Forest Brown
Medium Blue: SW9059 Silken Peacock
Light Blue: SW6255 Morning Fog

Wedding Bell Hues

Color Palette // Wedding Bell Hues SW9001 Audrey’s Blush, SW6194 Basil, SW7562 Roman Column
Rose: SW9001 Audrey’s Blush
Green: SW6194 Basil
Cream: SW7562 Roman Column

Golden Growth

Color Palette // Golden Growth SW6258 Tricorn Black, SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green, SW6145 Thatch Brown

Black: SW6258 Tricorn Black
Green: SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green
Brown: SW6145 Thatch Brown

Rusted Tones

 Color Palette // Rusted Tones SW6069 French Roast, SW6468 Hunt Club, SW6313 Kirsch Red

Brown: SW6069 French Roast
Green: SW6468 Hunt Club
Rose: SW6313 Kirsch Red


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