21 Sep Color Palette Collection #1

How about some color palettes? All of these darling combos are accompanied by Sherwin Williams paint colors. You’re welcome.

Pineapple Beach Party

Color Palette // Pineapple Beach Party SW6744 Reclining Green, SW1666 Venetian Yellow, SW6183 Conservative Gray

Green: SW6744 Reclining Green
Yellow: SW1666 Venetian Yellow
Grey: SW6183 Conservative Gray

Fresh Picked Hues

Color Palette // Fresh Picked Hues SW6868 Real Red, SW6459 Jadite, SW6583 In the Pink

Red: SW6868 Real Red
Green: SW6459 Jadite
Pink: SW6583 In the Pink

Spotted Fawn

Color Palette // Spotted Fawn SW7048 Urbane Bronze, SW2818 Renwich Heather, SW6525 Rarified Air

Dark Brown: SW7048 Urbane Bronze
Medium Brown: SW2818 Renwich Heather
Light Brown: SW6525 Rarified Air

Bed of Green

Color Palette // Bed of Green SW6461 Isle of Pines, SW9042 Verdigreen, SW6464 Aloe

Dark Green: SW6461 Isle of Pines
Medium Green: SW9042 Verdigreen
Light Green: SW6464 Aloe

Lovely Intruder

Color Palette // Lovely Intruder SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green, SW6692 Auric, SW7662 Evening Shadow

Green: SW2847 Roycroft Bottle Green
Yellow: SW6692 Auric
Grey: SW7662 Evening Shadow


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Photos from unsplash.com

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