About This Project

Overview: This Mill Creek interior consisted of elaborate preparation and lacquering of several kitchen cabinets.


Preparation and Lacquering Process:

  1. First, we removed all doors and drawers and shipped them to our finishing shop.
  2. We then taped, tarped, and protected the kitchen, floor, walls, windows, countertops, and created a containment zone between the kitchen and family room.
  3. After we set up a venting system to remove fumes.
  4. Then we prep sanded all surfaces.
  5. We then cleaned all surfaces with isopropyl alcohol to remove all surface contaminants.
  6. Then we applied the first coat of pigmented white lacquer (Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer from Daly’s Paint & Decorating).
  7. After, we put Bondo where it was needed to fill surface imperfections and sand smooth.
  8. Lastly, we added two more finish coats.
  9. Then we re-installed cabinet doors and drawers.
  10. When we were finished, we touched up and cleaned up.


Customer Quote:

“Amsberry’s Painting did a beautiful job of making my 39-year-old cabinets LOOK BRAND NEW! From all job-related communication to the finished product, their professionalism is unsurpassed. I highly recommend them for any of your painting needs!”  – Patrice


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