About This Project

For the Fairview Condominium Complex project we did exterior painting, as well as coating all timber wood elements with Sikkens SRD Natural finish. This exterior project was done in July and August 2018.



  1. Amsberry’s Painting provided all lifts for the project.
  2. Cleaning: Applied a bleach solution to kill mold, moss, and mildew, then pressure washed clean to remove dirt, dead spores, and loose paint.
  3. Preparation: Protected all windows, doors, roofing, eves, soffits, beams, posts, trellis, ect.. Scraped, sanded and primed where needed. Re-caulked around all windows, doors, siding, and construction joints. Sand all-weather damaged parts of beams and posts until the surface is prepared for a new coating.
  4. Safety: Provide safety cones and safe walkways around lifts and scaffolding. All Amsberry’s Painting employees to practice safety precautions while operating or inside of lifts.
  5. Painted with two coats of paint.
  6. Applied Sikkens SRD Natural to all beams, posts, and natural wood elements.